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Global One Environmental, LLC 

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Quality Assurance

Today's technology requires the "Quality Assurance" of a specialist. GLOBAL ONE ENVIRONMENTAL provides customized services to meet and exceed our clients' requirements. Trained and certified technicians guarantee that we meet the lastest ISO standards and customer guidelines.

Global One Environmental was founded to provide the controlled environment industry with the highest quality maintenance.  The "Quality Assurance Program" of Global One was established to guarantee of our trained technicians achieve the highest possible results in precision cleaning.

With a vision of a different kind, we committed to a plan for thorough training and certification of each employee before going into any critical environment.  The company made decisions based on the practical, "front line" experiences of its management team who could deal with the issues and challenges every day.

We start at the onset of construction and continue through building completion. Our "Build-Clean" philosophy is to prevent and minimize contamination, and design a management program to achieve a cleanliness level that will eliminate product contamination and improve profits.

Our mission is to respond to the overwhelming demand for our product in an industry that has grown to monumental proportions in the last decade.  We consistently control operating costs while maintaining a high level of quality and service.  We use the latest technology to simplify the process so it takes less people to get the job done.

We are committed to supplying the best customer satisfaction through outstanding quality service and the removal of any contaminants in zones at risks, from ISO (Class 100,000) to ISO 1 environments.

In every field of endeavor, there is one company that stands out far above the rest because of their knowledge, credibility and experience.  Using the Global One team gives you first hand access to the technology and products that will make your business more competitive and profitable in the years to come.
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